“On the final day [of our honeymoon] we had a frantic call from her mother. We had not told anyone where we were, so she called all the motels in the Cleveland area looking for us. . . When we finally connected, she shouted, ‘You’re not married, you’re not married!'” (p. 30)

“The pastor called out, ‘Lazar, wake up!’ Lazar shot up in his seat, turned to his wife and said, ‘How does that man know my name?!'” (p. 100)

“Last night when the preacher was about halfway through his sermon, a young girl stood to her feet in the audience and began to walk toward the platform, screaming…. All the while she was screaming, in a very unnatural voice: ‘She’s mine, you can’t have her. Leave her alone. Get out of here all of you. Your Jesus is dead. I know, for I killed him.'” (p. 59)

“I was down in the baptistery as the deaconess assisted her to descend the stairway. I extended my hand to help her. Now what she had not told me was that she was wearing a wig!” (p. 74)

And don’t miss “The Great Limerick War” in the poetry section at the back!

These are some “teasers” from the back cover of my book. Enjoy!