Sermon Extras

God’s Miracle Car”—A personal experience of how God proved to me the truth about tithing.
“Crushing Disappointments”—Sometimes we suffer because we really don’t have the full picture.
“Look Upon Jesus”—The beauty of God’s plan of salvation.  (The sermon handout is available on the Downloads page.) 
“The Son of Encouragement”—What we can learn from the noble example of Barnabas.
“The Mystery of God”—What is God’s destiny for us? (The sermon handout is available on the Downloads page.)
“Facing Your Giant”—What giants are you facing today?

Special Extras

“Sunshine, the Seventh-day Adventist Sun Conure”— Watch as she takes a bath on Friday afternoon and joins Vera for sunset worship!

“Escape From Yugoslavia”—Vera recites her family’s adventures in escaping Communism and finding a new life in America. If it hadn’t been for the war . . .

(In fond remembrance of my first wife, Vera Hoffer, 1942-2016.)